This is the Conference Website Template. It is a WordPress site that comes pre-configured for organizers who want to host their conference outreach on the Commons.

This is the home landing page for visitors to your site. It is a static Page where you might post a welcome note and/or basic information about the conference.

This site is currently running the Sydney theme. Site administrators can use this theme or change the theme in the dashboard in Appearance>Themes.

The colors and graphics of this site can be edited by site admins by clicking “Customize” in the black admin bar above.

This Conference template site comes with several plugins activated.  Gravity forms, Google Doc Shortcode embed, and Eventbrite plugins add functionality for streamlining submission and registration.

Another plugin, Jetpack, offers a suite of tools, including site analytics and a  “subscribe”  feature which allows attendees to receive updates from the site. Jetpack is free to use but you must connect the tool via a free account before you can access these tools. Learn more about Jetpack here.

Conference organizers and can search for and add new plugins via the dashboard Plugins menu.

If you would like to learn more about steps to take to set up your conference website, including how to map a custom domain for your site, visit the Commons Conference and Events Help Page.

To browse other conference websites on the Commons, visit the Conference Showcase Page.

Switch to your site’s Dashboard to begin building out your site. To go to the dashboard, click the title of this site in the black admin bar at the top of this page.

You must be signed in and added as an Admin user to this site to make changes. Site admins can delete the directions on this page and add their own information by clicking “edit page” in the black admin bar above.